Using the outdoors to support the New Curriculum 2014 through Wild Tribe sessions

The Wild Tribe sessions are a child-centred approach with activities planned that reflect the needs and development of the group of children that are in that session. The activities are only a starting point and children may choose to take activities in a different direction from the one intended and so are adaptable enough to develop children’s learning in the most appropriate way. The activities planned consider the age, ability and curriculum requirements of that group.

The sessions will take place every day for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.  The sessions take place regardless of the weather with the children and helping staff soon adapting and developing resilience to outdoor weather. The activities will be differentiated to the individual needs and this would be supported by continual observation and support.  The sessions will concentrate on working together, personal achievement and social and emotional resilience and support the curriculum requirements.